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Chairs & boosters

Chairs & boosters

Feed baby with ease in high chairs and boosters

Looking for the right baby booster seat?

If you have been wondering where to buy a sturdy and durable baby booster seat from, the answer is right in front of you. At HoplaBaby we stock functional, innovative and quality products only. We are parents ourselves, which is why we understand that when it comes to our children, only the best will do.

All products we choose to add to our range are designed to keep your baby comfortable and safe, and make your daily routine a whole lot easier. Our compact booster chairs are the ideal solution when you are out and about. The portable baby booster seat allows you to be spontaneous when it comes to visiting a friend, a café or restaurant, where there might be no high chairs available. Instead of having to keep your baby sitting on your lap, or trying to make the pram fit next to the table, you can simply use your compact seat, and place it onto any ordinary chair. It can be securely fastened around the chair with a set of belts, to ensure your baby will be safe and sound.

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Chairs & boosters