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Shoes size guide

We believe that it's really important to measure a child's feet accurately before buying them every pair of shoes. That's because ill-fitting shoes can have a serious impact on your child's foot health for years to come.

During the first 36 months of their life, your baby's feet will double in size, increasing from size 12 to size 24. This means you should buy new shoes every four to five months between the ages of 1 and 2. Young children's feet grow by 2 to 3 sizes a year, and then by 1 to 2 sizes a year from the age of 5. Children feel little or no pain if their shoes are too small because their bones are still soft. This is why we need to regularly check the shoes they're wearing. If they're too small, the front of the shoe will start to become misshapen because of the pressure of the child's toes, and sometimes the lining will tear. This means they need a bigger size. A child's foot should be supported by their shoes without being constricted.


To be sure that your child is wearing shoes that fit properly, you can use one of our specially developed tools to help you to measure your child's feet at home.

1. Download our gauge at home and measure up your baby’s foot.

Download it here.
To find out how to measure using our downloadable gauges, watch the video or use the instructions printed with the gauge.
Note: The downloadable gauge is not suitable for use with children who cannot stand on their own. 


2. Use our "click and fit" tool.

In order to use "click and fit" you will need:

  • a printer to print the grid.
  • a digital camera from which you can transfer photos to your PC.
  • a child whose feet need measuring!

Download and print detailed instructions. More details on Start-Rite website.


3. Use our Standard Correspondence.

Please note: If you are between sizes, we advise that you order the next size up. 

   cm     EU     UK     US  
  9.7   16   0.5    1


 10.4   17   1.5    2


 17.5    2   2.5
   11   18   2.5    3
 11.7   19    3   3.5

19.5   3.5    4
 12.4   20    4   4.5
  13   21   4.5    5 
   21.5    5   5.5
 13.7   22  5.5      6
 14.4   23    6    6.5
   23.5   6.5    7
  15   24    7    7.5
     25   7.5    8 
 15.7  25.5    8   8.5
 16.4   26   8.5     9 
   17   27    9    9.5