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Choosing Philips Avent means you have the assurance of superior quality products, designed with you and your baby's needs in mind.

Through extensive research and clinical trials, Philips Avent products work effectively together to give you the flexibility to care for a growing baby.

The Philips Avent superior quality products help to support the choices you make, whether breastfeeding, bottle feeding or combining the two. Then as your baby grows their interchangeable design features mean they can be adapted to meet your baby's developing needs. We are here to guide you through all these wonderful changes.

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Beaba was born in 1989 in France. Creator of the world famous Babycook, the original baby food maker, Beaba revolutionized traditional infant care offering products of quality, simple to use, innovative and with a real new design.

Now, expert in the field, Beaba is still developing attractive and colourful products with innovative concepts and practical uses.

Already well-received throughout Europe and many other countries, Beaba continues to grow and is present worldwide.

“Every parenting problem has a BEABA solution which mums love and appreciate.”

HoplaBaby’s Favorites:

  1. The famous Babycook: Extremely easy to use and super compact, the Babycook is the perfect food maker that steams, blends, warms and defrosts. It’s the symbol of originality and quality!
  2. The Pixie Night Light: This grows with your children’s needs: from a simple night light for infants to an easy-to-hold lantern for toddlers. 

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BABYZEN™ was founded by a group of five French individuals who were thinking: "Why should we continue carrying children in strollers that are bulky, unpractical, and so poor-looking?"

So here's their challenge: let's start from a blank sheet and imagine the next generation of strollers…
The ZEN full-size stroller, the YOGA all-in-one carrycot, and the YOYO lightweight stroller, are all born from this ambition.

  1. The YOYO stroller: Perfect for city parents and fantastic for travelers: the YOYO stroller is the new name for mobility.
  2. The ZEN stroller: The BABYZEN ZEN combines style and function like no other stroller of its category.

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For 20 years now, Red Castle has been putting all its creativity into childcare. Designed with high quality materials, their products guarantee babies comfort, well-being and safety... with style!

Because at Red Castle they feel so strongly about children’s needs - and those of their parents - they have always been dedicated to creating products of the highest quality. Their commitment is built upon three fundamental elements: Quality, Innovation and Safety.

Their goal is simple: that every parent gives the best to their child while maintaining his or her own freedom of mind and movement.

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Leander is an international furniture manufacturer designing furniture for children. But it is not just about designing furniture. It is about creating furniture that makes a positive difference and that encourages play, movement and creativity. Furniture created to enhance development. And that makes life with children a little easier.

We believe in shape, function and honest materials. And that the best ideas emerge from a need; a problem that needs to be solved. We still keep to the same design philosophy it all began with. That design and function have to come together. That each item of furniture should fit the child and never in reserve order. Leander is no ordinary furniture manufacturer. Leander is a way of thinking. A feeling. And approach to materials, designs and function.

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Premibio offers a complete range of organic baby food developed to provide all the essential nutrients for your baby's growth and development. Premibio uses only natural and organic ingredients, including its vitamins and minerals, optimally measured to cover your baby's nutritional needs without overloading his or her system.

In France, Prémibio’s products are exclusively available in specialised organic stores and fine food shops and is not available in supermarkets.

Prémilait is the only organic french milk for infant that guarantees that 100% of its proteins come from France.

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The Bambo Nature range is designed and manufactured in Scandinavia by the Abena Group, a large international health care wholesaler and one of the oldest diaper manufacturers in the world.

Abena, established in 1953, has its headquarters and manufacturing facilities in Denmark in Northern Europe, employs more than 1600 people worldwide and distributes its products to more than 80 countries.

We claim that Bambo Nature is the next generation of high-quality, eco-friendly and certified safe-to-use baby diapers.

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Designed in Paris, France. Two designers making toys since 1994 decided to create their own toy company. All the toys are "home made" by Anne Lelong & Ferdinand Lecomte

Ebulobo’s range of toys is beautifully designed and very high quality. They are designed to stimulate the minds of young children and help to develop the motor skills essential to a child’s development.

Have a look at who Ebulobo are.


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From the beginning, Kaloo has maintained an enduring desire to offer pure comfort and tenderness with exceptionally soft creations. Inspired by the tenderness of babies, Kaloo creations are incomparable. Since that time, there has been only one truly soft, fluffy, perfect baby’s toy – the Kaloo Doudou, an outstanding gift for the cherished child.

Quality combined with beautiful design is the driving force behind Kaloo. The success story begun in 1998 in France and extended to the world. The Kaloo brand is now present in 43 countries.

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phil&teds is the juvenile brand that enables parents to escape nursery prison and 'adapt&survive'! It ain't about the baby, baby! It's about you retaining a 'sense of self’ - with the kids in tow - with products that 'fit with me'. We're all about safety & innovation, proud inventors of multi-award winning products such as the original inline stroller, a travel cot lighter than a baby and the ‘auto-stop brake’. We’re proud of our 18 years of research and development, whilst setting trends and innovations, globally.

phil&teds is genuinely proud to be one of the world's leading inventors, designers and marketers of juvenile products, like the original inline stroller; combined with a quirky attitude.

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Born in the relaxed environment of Hawaii, first designed by Karin Frost, the original Ergobaby Carrier was developed for her son, applying proper ergonomics to a pragmatic need: keep your baby close. She sought feedback from fellow parents, studied kids’ reactions to being carried–and found an enthusiastic audience of likeminded moms and dads.

The Ergobaby Carrier was born out of a personal desire for mobility and comfort allowing you to tackle life while maintaining a close & natural bond with your baby and toddler. Their products adjust naturally with you–their goal to make life easier in our mobile world. It’s about your comfort, your baby’s developing body–and everywhere you both can go–without limits.

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In 2003, new parents Ellen and Michael Diamant were a lot like new parents everywhere: overjoyed with the birth of their son, and overwhelmed with so many choices, so little time, and so few solutions that satisfied. When they searched for a diaper bag that looked great and worked well, they found nothing. So they invented something.

Almost a decade and hundreds of products later, Ellen and Michael are still inventing “everything-in-its-place” solutions that are smart, functional and great- looking for overjoyed, busy parents like themselves. Today, Skip Hop is a global brand recognized by discerning parents for innovation, great design and the highest quality in the baby products business.

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Sophie la girafe, who looked exactly the same than she does today, went into production on a Thursday, May 25th, hence her name.

She was an immediate success. Young parents immediately recognized that she was a must for their baby... When the first signs of teething appear, Sophie la girafe helps babies stop crying!

By simple word of mouth, the little giraffe's fame spread. From then on around the world, generations upon generations of children were to love hearing Sophie squeak whenever they pressed her tummy or head!

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Babymoov was founded in 1997, in France, in the Auvergne region: its fresh air, its mountains, its cows, its cheese…!. The Babymoov family has grown in the past 13 years!

Babymoov’s approach was totally new in the industry. They decided to involve you, the parents, directly in their creative process with meetings held throughout France involving you from the basic idea to validation of the prototype! Babymoov also work in partnership with professionals (paediatricians, nurseries, midwives…) and draw on their knowledge and expertise.

Their innovative and colorful collection of feeding, bath, travel and activity products are as quality products as they are functional.

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theBabaSling baby carrier is a revolution in design, comfort and simplicity. The hammock style baby sling is perfectly shaped to support a newborn’s developing spine, while providing essential closeness and bonding between parent and child.

With no less than five positions and easily adjustable straps, theBabaSling is so easy to use it can be safely shared with grandparents, older siblings, and caregivers.

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Terraillon has been designing and making appliances for more than sixty years. Its products include kitchen scales, bathroom scales, water filtration jugs and cartridges, a baby care range and products for health and well-being.

Petit Terraillon’s products, Terraillon’s baby care range, are totally unique on the market: as well as being ingeniously multipurpose, they also benefit from innovative designs.

Developed to facilitate day to day life, they are manufactured to the highest level of quality and comply with the strictest safety standards.

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M&G - Marguerite et Gribouilli

Marguerite & Gribouilli is a creative workshop that specializes in wall designs. Created in 2006 by the interior architect Assia Bennani, the workshop was opened in Hong Kong in 2008.

M&G is first and foremost a family adventure; all of our products are unique or created in limited series and sketched by hand with care and passion! The workshop offers a full range of products and services for your walls such as wall stickers, chalkboards, wall paintings and lots more to come. Our aim is to continue to develop new products and by doing so, turn M&G into a real wall laboratory!;

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Cocobohème is specialized in decoration and accessories – creation and publishing.

Through its objects of decoration, Cocobohème opens the doors of a fashionable, sophisticated and imaginary world whose creations find their essence in common childhood memories, some happy moments of life, which resound in each of us.

The house Cocobohème, through its designer Catherine Fouchard, has been asked along with 50 other designers like Christian Lacroix, Kenzo, Chantal Thomass, Fifi Chachnil to customize... Sophie the Giraffe for its 50 years.

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Nouvelles Images creates, from images, products which stir and transmit emotions.

Nouvelles Images publishes stickers, postcards, greeting cards, prints and posters, canvas prints, calendars. Their products are characterised by their artistic and graphical quality and irreproachable finish. They work with more than 1000 published artists.

Nouvelles Images celebrated its 50th birthday in 2007. Fifty extraordinary years in which the company has developed by asserting its identity, based on sincerity and creativity.

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